Valley Comfort

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Why more then 75,000 Canadian and U.S. homes use Valley Comfort heaters.


Overnight burning time on one fill of 2' logs is usual with the Valley Comfort heater thanks to the special secondary combustion supply of pre-heated fresh air to burn wood gases.


The Valley Comfort's air supply is controlled by a thermostat which is pre-set by the home owner to provide the temperature level required. It automatically regulates the heat output- unlike the so called heat regulators on most stoves. In case of a runaway fire it will shut off the air supply completely.


Cast iron liners and metal parts made on precision dies all go towards a home heating system which lasts and lasts and lasts to give good, reliable trouble-free heating for the homeowner.


The unique 4 port air supply system provides even burning of logs in the unit and the air convection system moves air around the house.


Unlike radiant stoves, Valley Comfort heaters can be safe to a child's touch - an important feature when there are small shildren around.

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